Ship by BoxC allows a user to create labels for their B2C shipments and drop them off at an Entry Point to ship to the customer. BoxC gives sellers access to the global market and ships to 50 countries, including the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. Our API also allows for integration into your current applications.

After creating a BoxC account and authorizing Ship by BoxC, you will need to:

- Fill out your company information

- Update the return address for undeliverable shipments; return addresses default to a local BoxC facility

- Select the Entry Point

Add funds

Once your information is filled out and funds have been added, you are ready to create shipments!

Shipments can be created by:

Create a single shipment by filling out the required information

Upload shipments by CSV

Once your shipments are labeled, a notification will need to be sent to BoxC Operations prior to drop off. Shipments can be packed into master cartons (up to 25kg per carton) for delivery to the Entry Point.

** To generate test labels, change your Entry Point to “Test, Test (TEST)” on the Ship Application Setup page. **