Label Guidelines

  • Apply label to largest flat surface.

  • Do not apply label across packaging flaps or folds as this risks label damage in transit.

  • Label must be printed at original size, do not crop or resize.

  • Complete label must be visible, do not cover any portion with another label, tape or other material.

  • Label must be 10x15cm/4x6in and self adhesive. Do not use plain paper and tape.

  • Label barcodes with folds or creases will result in missing scan events or loss.

  • Ensure clear printing by cleaning your label printer heads regularly.

  • Poor quality printer or label stock will result in unscannable labels.

  • No other barcodes visible on the same packaging side as the label.

  • Labels should be applied with barcode vertically aligned when tube is set on its end as below.

See attached guide for more detailed information.