Once you sign in to the Ship application, you will be prompted to enter some account and shipping configuration details.

Ship Settings

Entry Point
This is the location where you will drop your packages off to BoxC. To begin with, select
“Test”. All shipments generated for the “Test” location will be test labels. You will
be able to generate labels for this location with no balance ($0.00). To generate live/production
labels, you will need to change to a production entry point and have sufficient funds in your

Account Console

Company Address
The company information must relate to the entity who is acting as the shipper. The shipper is the party who sold the goods being shipped to the consignee/customer.

Note: If you are a consolidator, you will need to use the API to assign the correct shipper to each shipment.

All information must be submitted in English.

This information can be changed at any time by going to the Account Console page which can be found by clicking on your username at the top right hand side of the screen.

Return Address
For Ship by BoxC application users, the return address can be set in your Account Console. The company name provided will appear on the return address of all labels even if you do not set a return address. If you do not set a return address, the system will use one of BoxC’s return centers in the U.S. by default. For API users, you are able to modify the return address for each shipment.