Hong Kong

Start date: March 2020
End date: 4 January 2023
Incident: resumption of normal delivery process for items requiring signature on delivery

Further to previous incident bulletins on the subject, Hongkong Post, the People’s Republic of China’s designated operator for the territory of Hong Kong, wishes to inform that it has resumed the advice of delivery service for incoming mail items.


Start date: intermittent
End date: 12 January 2023
Incident: update concerning mail distribution and collection / health-related restrictions

Further to Incident Bulletin 08.04.2022 and previous information on the subject, the designated operator of Israel, Israel Postal Company, wishes to inform that mail distribution and collection (letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items) are no longer subject to interruptions and delays as a result of the health-related restrictions.


Start date: 28 December 2022
End date: 12 January 2023
Incident: disruption owing to COVID-19 - back to normal

Further to Incident Bulletin 06.01.2023, Macao Post, the People’s Republic of China’s designated operator for Macao, wishes to inform that the situation has improved and all postal operations have returned to normal.


Start date: 16 March 2020
End date: 6 January 2023
Incident: lifting of state of emergency

Further to Incident Bulletin 04.06.2021, the designated operator of Malaysia, Pos Malaysia, wishes to inform that the state of emergency with regard to COVID-19 has been lifted. As a result, the processing of inbound and outbound letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items has returned to normal.

Saudi Arabia

Start date: 5 January 2023
End date: ongoing
Incident: heavy rain

The designated operator of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Post Corporation, wishes to inform that heavy rain across Saudi Arabia is affecting the delivery (including last-mile) and collection of all mail items.

As a result, quality of service and electronic data interchange will be disrupted until further notice. Saudi Post Corporation is making every effort to ensure that the transmission of events is restored to normal as quickly as possible.

United Kingdom

Start date: 10 January 2023
End date: ongoing
Incident: disruption following a cyber incident

The designated operator of the United Kingdom, Royal Mail, wishes to provide with urgent information on severe disruption of its international services from 10 January 2023, following a cyber incident.

Royal Mail is temporarily unable to dispatch letters and small packets to overseas destinations. It has asked customers to stop posting export items into its network for the time being while it works hard to resolve the issue. Some customers may experience delays or disruption to items already shipped for export.

Full import operations are continuing, though with some minor delays. Meanwhile, parcel and EMS services via Parcelforce Worldwide are still operating, but customers should expect delays of one to two days.

Royal Mail’s teams are working round the clock to resolve this disruption. Partner operators will be updated as soon as more information is available. Royal Mail has launched an investigation into the incident and is working with external experts to resolve the issues. The incident has also been reported to the national regulators and the relevant security authorities.

Please visit personal.help.royalmail.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5317/related/1 for the very latest information on this incident.