Start date: 26 September 2022
End date: 8 November 2022
Incident: end of strike

Further to Incident Bulletin 30.09.2022, the designated operator of Aruba, Post Aruba, wishes to inform that the postal workers’ strike has ended and that postal services have fully resumed since 8 November 2022.


Start date: 9 November 2022
End date: 9 November 2022
Incident: strike

The designated operator of Greece, Hellenic Post, wishes to inform that the General Confederation of Greek Workers and the Association of Civil Servants announced a 24-hour strike on Wednesday, 9 November. In addition, air traffic controllers announced a six-hour work stoppage from 10.00 to 16.00 (local time) on that same date. These actions affected both international and domestic mail collection and delivery.

Hong Kong

Start date: 2 November 2022
End date: 8 November 2022
Incident: tropical storm Nalgae - back to normal

Further to previous information on the subject, Hongkong Post, the People’s Republic of China’s designated operator for the territory of Hong Kong, wishes to inform that a cyclone warning relating to Tropical Storm Nalgae was issued in the territory on 2 November 2022, that the processing and conveyance of all inbound, outbound and local mail was disrupted, affecting quality of service for all inbound and outbound air services (letter post, parcel post and EMS).

The processing and conveyance of all inbound, outbound and local mail has now resumed as normal with effect from 8 November 2022.


Start date: 13 September 2022
End date: ongoing
Incident: disruptions due to flooding – update

Further to incident bulletins 16.09.2022, 14.10.2022 and 28.10.2022, the designated operator of Thailand, Thailand Post, wishes to inform that only two areas (postcodes 13XXX and 34XXX) continue to be affected by flooding. Operations have resumed as normal in all other areas.

United States of America

Start date: n/a
End date: n/a
Incident: election mail

The designated operator of the United States of America, the United States Postal Service (USPS), wishes to inform that national elections were taking place in the United States on 8 November 2022. These elections were for the US national legislative bodies (Senate and House of Representatives), and there were also a number of individual state elections for legislative bodies and gubernatorial offices.

US citizens who live abroad and are eligible to vote had already been sent their election ballots. They have been asked to complete the ballots and use the special envelopes supplied to them to mail their votes back to the United States using national designated operators’ priority international airmail service. Most but not all ballot envelopes bear USPS’s official election mail logo.

USPS kindly requests that all designated operators ensure the immediate delivery of these election mail items containing ballots to the addresses of US voters living abroad. It also requests that all designated operators ensure that the international mail pieces containing the completed ballots are returned as quickly as possible to the USPS inward offices of exchange in the United States.