Start date: 14 May 2021
End date: 1 May 2022
Incident: measures to minimize the spread of COVID-19 / back to normal

Further to previous updates on the subject, the designated operator of Fiji, Post Fiji, wishes to inform that postal services have returned to normal as of 1 May 2022.

New Zealand

Start date: 23 January 2022
End date: 16 May 2022
Incident: lifting of national force majeure related to COVID-19

Further to Incident Bulletin 28.01.2022, the designated operator of New Zealand, New Zealand Post, wishes to inform that the Government of New Zealand announced a nationwide move to the orange setting of the pandemic plan on 13 April 2022. As most restrictions relating to COVID-19 have now been lifted, New Zealand Post has decided to close its force majeure case. Nevertheless, it still faces significant absenteeism across its workforce, as the virus continues its progression through New Zealand’s three main islands.