Start date: 22 November 2021
End date: 18 January 2022
Incident: weather issues

Further to Incident Bulletin 26.11.2021, Canada Post had informed us that the state of emergency declared in the province of British Columbia owing to flooding ended on 18 January 2022.

Major highways and roads have been re-opened as of 19 January 2022.


Start date: 29 November 2021
End date: ongoing
Incident: coronavirus

The designated operator of Morocco, Poste Maroc, wishes to inform that, following an increase in COVID-19 infections among its operational staff and in view of measures to limit the spread of the virus, delays are to be expected in the processing and delivery of inbound and outbound postal items.


Start date: 15 January 2022
End date: ongoing
Incident: volcano eruption

The designated operator of Tonga, Tonga Post, would like to inform that a state of emergency has been declared in the Kingdom of Tonga in the wake of the recent volcano eruption and tsunami, with effect from 15 January 2022.

The fibreoptic line linking Tonga to the rest of the world was damaged, meaning that Internet connectivity was lost. It will take about a month to restore.


Start date: 17 January 2022
End date: ongoing
Incident: IT issues

IT issues are currently disrupting customs operations at Tunis-Carthage International Airport: the customs system at the Tunis-Carthage International Airport in Tunisia has been down, disrupting the processing of incoming and outgoing shipments.

It remains unclear how long it will take to fix the issue.