Start date: 7 January 2022
Expected end date: 14 January 2022
Incident: coronavirus

Jamaica Post wishes to share that the Government of Jamaica has extended the national curfew until at least January 14.
Revised working shifts continue to apply across the entire postal network, with impacts on sorting operations, mail delivery, and the provision of EDI messaging updates. The situation of force majeure continues to apply.


Start date: 29 November 2021
End date: 27 December 2021
Incident: coronavirus

Further to Incident Bulletin 26.11.2021, the designated operator of Liechtenstein, Liechtensteinische Post, wishes to inform that the special measures implemented as a result of COVID-19 (i.e. staggered deliveries in different postcode areas) have been lifted since 27 December 2021.

From that date onwards, deliveries throughout Liechtenstein are taking place as normal on a daily basis.



Start date: 19 December 2021
End date: ongoing
Incident: heavy rains and flooding

The country has been experiencing heavy rains and extensive flooding since 23 December 2021. The postal network has been severely affected and some post offices were closed. Certain roads were inaccessible to traffic, which has since caused delays in the delivery of all types of mail.

The areas affected, from 19 December 2021, are in the following postcode ranges: 25xxx – 28xxx; 40xxx – 43xxx; 45xxx; 471xx; 63000; and 64000.

As of 28 December 2021 the floodwaters in some of the regions specified above have receded.

However, owing to office closures and a lack of access roads, the following postcode regions are still impacted, potentially causing delays in mail operations and delivery of postal items: 260xx; 265xx; 280xx; 285xx; 287xx; 40000–40169; 40180–40399; 40400–40449; 40450–40459; 40460–40499; 40500–40999; 42450–42499; 43100–43199; 43800; 43900; 63000 and 64000.

The localities affected, either partially or in their entirety, are as follows: Maran; Bentong; Lanchang; Temerloh; Shah Alam; Kota Kemuning; Balakong; Banting; Bt 9 Cheras and Dengkil.

New Zealand

Start date: 7 December 2021
End date: ongoing
Incident: coronavirus

Further to Incident Bulletin 10.12.2021, the designated operator of New Zealand, New Zealand Post, informs that the dispatch of transit mail to Fiji, New Caledonia and Vanuatu has gradually returned to normal.

Unfortunately, transit services to the Solomon Islands remain suspended until further notice owing to the absence of available flights.



Start date: 16 December 2021
End date: ongoing
Incident: typhoon

The designated operator of the Philippines, PHLPost, wishes to inform that Typhoon Odette (international name Typhoon Rai) has affected certain parts of Visayas and Mindanao.

Some roads are not currently passable owing to landslides and floods. Delays are therefore to be expected in the processing of mail and transmission of tracking events in the areas with the following postcodes:

5400,5402,5404-5408,5413-5414,5417, 4503-4504, 5600-5601,5603-5604,5606,5608-5615, 5701-5702,5704-5708,5710-5717, 5800-5807,5810-5812,5815-5816, 5044-5046, 5000-5004,5006-5010,5012-5014,5016-5019,5021,5023,5026-5027,5031,5034-5036,5038-5039,5041-5043, 6100-6116,6119-6122,6124-6127,6129-6133, 6809, 6822, 8700-8702,8704,8706,8708-8709,8711,8723, 9100, 9103, 9000, 9008, 9011, 9014, 9203, 9205, 9209, 7203, 7207, 7209, 8800, 8804, 9407, 9409, 8601-8607, 8609-8611, 8600, 8501-8507, 8509-8513, 8400,8402-8406, 8408-8410, 8414, 8416-8424, 8427 8301-8302,8306, 8308-8310, 8312-8316, 8318 9222, 9310, 9708, 9715, 9628.



Start date: 1 October 2021
End date: 29 December 2021
Incident: weather issues

Further to Incident Bulletin 19.11.2021, the designated operator of Thailand, Thailand Post, would like to inform that the flooding situation has ended and postal operations are back to normal.

Thailand Post would also like to inform that the COVID-19 situation is improving and postal services are operating in accordance with the measures imposed to limit the spread of COVID-19.