Start date: 17 November 2021
End date: 25 December 2021
Incident: coronavirus

The designated operator of Georgia, Georgian Post, wishes to inform other Union member countries and their designated operators that the lockdown of the verification unit serving the Tbilisi international mail processing centres will end on 25 December 2021.


Italy - Update on IT issues

Start date: 1 July 2021
End date: ongoing
Incident: IT issues

Poste Italiane wishes to further update everyone about the following:

  1. on 17 Dec, we have reached an agreement with our Customs in order to manually resent the customs data for each of the items being blocked for the various error messages received by their system, blocking our declaration processes. This workaround implies that for each item being blocked at present, the customs declaration will need to be manually resent to the Customs’ system, by our declarant employees.

Of course, additional shifts will be put in place to deal with this emergency solution, both by Customs and Poste Italiane.
Besides, our Customs identified the critical part of the process which connotates the blocking errors received by Poste Italiane and, as a second step, proposed to bypass such system, providing us with the customs assessments based on lists of items sent to us off-line. This second step requires developments also on our operating systems, to adapt to such a temporary arrangement, in order to clear the backlogs in our Mail Units.

These matters, at present, imply a delay of about three weeks in processing, from the moment the product is handed over to Poste Italiane. Inbound product is securely staged in our Mail Units and will be transferred to our OEs as soon as these will be in the position to absorb it, after the present backlogs will be cleared.

  1. Although mail dispatch / received at the destination post exchange data for Parcels and EMS has been restored, tracking event transmission disruptions continue for all letter mail and parcels tracked products.

Our internal databases misalignment persists, impacting the ability of our Customer Service to treat inquiries in a timely manner.

Poste Italiane apologizes again for these persistent drawbacks and will inform everyone as quickly as possible on further developments.

Latvia - back to normal

Start date: 2 December 2021
End date: 14 december 2021
Incident: heavy snowfall

The designated operator of Latvia, Latvijas Pasts, wishes to inform everyone that the heavy snowfall in Latvia has ended, and the situation is back to normal as of 14 December 2021.



Start date: 16 December 2021
End date: ongoing
Incident: typhoon

Super Typhoon Rai (known locally as Odette) made landfall near the Siargao Islands, Philippines, on the afternoon of December 16. The typhoon intensified rapidly, reaching the strength of a category 5 super typhoon on the Saffir Simpson scale in the space of two days. Authorities have raised the tropical cyclone warning signal number 5 (the highest warning level) for the Visayas region, Mindanao, and Palawan islands. Delays in mail and parcel deliveries are present.


Spain - Update on IT issues

Start date: 26 November 2021
End date: ongoing
Incident: IT issues

The designated operator of Spain, S.E. Correos y Telégrafos, wishes to inform everyone that the technical issues relating to the exchange of information with the Spanish customs administration have been partially resolved. Therefore, the customs clearance procedure once again applies as normal for items destined for mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands.

However, the technical issues persist for items destined for the Canary Islands (postcodes 35XXX and 38XXX), Ceuta (51XXX) and Melilla (52XXX). Therefore, delays are still to be expected with regard to customs clearance for items sent to these destinations.

Correos would also like to take this opportunity to remind other designated operators that items sent to these destinations must be accompanied by Electronic customs data and the CN 22/CN 23 customs declaration forms.