Start date: 25 October 2021
End date: 4 November
Incident: heavy rain

The designated operator of Italy, Poste Italiane, wishes to inform that postal services have largely resumed as normal following the flooding in the eastern part of Sicily.

Most of the disruption caused throughout the island (postcodes 9****) has been resolved and the remaining backlog will be cleared as quickly as possible.

Start date: 3 November 2021
End date: 12 November
Incident: IT issues

Poste Italiane informed that it has recently been experiencing IT issues. This relates to problems of data transmission and reception of events both at item and dispatch level, impacting international Track&Trace (T&T) and the ability of its customer service to answer inquiries. Poste Italiane also continues to experience issues with its customs system for items of extra-EU origin, with a blocking error message preventing processing of items that were presented before mid-October. Related IT correction processes are foreseen to be solved in the week commencing November 8.


Start date: 27 March 2020
End date: 10 December
Incident: coronavirus

The designated operator of Jamaica, Jamaica Post, wishes to inform that the Government of Jamaica has extended the national curfew until 10 December 2021.

Revised working shifts/hours will continue to apply across the entire postal network, affecting sorting operations, mail delivery and the dispatch of mail vans, as well as the timely provision of EDI messaging updates and responses to online customer inquiries.

The force majeure situation previously announced continues to apply, with an impact on quality of service for all types of mail, including inbound and outbound letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items.