You can create individual shipments here.

All fields marked with * are required.

Some destination countries will require a phone number.

The Tax/Passport ID is referencing the consignee’s Tax/Passport ID, which is required information for some destination countries. 

Pinyin is not allowed to be used as an Entry Point language. 

Once the information is added, you can get an estimate, select the service level, and create the shipment.  

Importing by CSV

Shipments can be imported by CSV here. There is a template in your BoxC Account and a downloadable one at the bottom of this article.

Once the CSV file is imported to BoxC, it will start creating shipments. A report will be available after to show which shipments were created in BoxC and if there are any errors preventing a shipment to import. If you need to correct an error, do not upload the same sheet with the successfully imported shipments with the correction(s). Uploading a sheet with shipments that are already in BoxC will cause duplicates. 

Once you have created shipments in BoxC, you can search for a shipment by the BoxC ID, consignee name, reference ID(s), and tracking number.

*** Assuming all the supplied data is correct, this estimate will be equal to the actual amount invoiced. Any variation to address, weight, or dimensions may affect this price.***