Start date: 17 March 2020

End date: ongoing

Incident: coronavirus

The designated operator of Colombia, Servicios Postales Nacionales S.A. 4-72, asks us to inform that, as an essential service, the Colombian postal service is exempt from the restrictions on movement. It is continuing to provide domestic and international services in line with the latest developments regarding COVID-19.


In addition:


  1. The previously communicated measures affecting operations will remain in place, and will continue to cause significant delays to all inbound and outbound international letter-post, parcel-post and EMS services.
  2. Owing to the continuation of force majeure, the cancellation of international flights, the closure of borders, and the internal measures taken by countries and their designated operators, 4-72 is unable to send letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items to various member countries.
  3. The multiple protests throughout the country since 28 April are presenting challenges in terms of mail collection and delivery, given the road closures and vandalism, requiring 4-72 to protect its employees and postal infrastructure. This is leading to operational and last-mile delivery delays. 4‑72 hopes that the situation will return to normal as quickly as possible.

As an essential service, 4-72 will continue to provide its services in support of citizens, subject to the restrictions resulting from the global health crisis and the public disturbances, taking every possible measure to protect its staff and customers.




Start date: 12 May 2021
End date: ongoing
Incident: Security situation

The designated operator of Israel, Israel Postal Company, would like to inform that interruptions and delays in the distribution and collection of mail (letter-post, parcels and EMS items) may be experienced as a result of the security situation in the south and centre of the country.

In addition, the health situation restrictions communicated in previous messages are still in place.



Start date: 26 March 2020

End date: ongoing

Incident: coronavirus

The designated operator of Samoa, Samoa Post, informs that the Government of Samoa has extended the state of emergency until 15 June 2021.


As there is still only one cargo flight into and out of the country per week, Samoa Post requests that all mail to Samoa be sent as closed transit through New Zealand. All inbound mail is subject to a three-day quarantine upon arrival and delays in the delivery of mail are therefore to be expected.



Start date: 16 March 2020

End date: ongoing

Incident: coronavirus

The designated operator of Viet Nam, VNPost, would like to inform that, in response to a significant number of new COVID-19 infections detected in Viet Nam from 15 April 2021, the Vietnamese Government has both extended and reinforced measures to minimize the spread of COVID-19.


During this period, VNPost will continue to provide postal services, but will be operating with a reduced workforce and in line with the new restrictions and safety guidelines. The processing and delivery of all types of inbound and outbound mail (letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items) will continue to be affected, and VNPost is unable to guarantee compliance with the agreed standards.


Therefore, the situation of force majeure previously declared continues to apply, until further notice.