Start date: 31 March 2021
End date: 3 May 2021
Incident: coronavirus

The designated operator of Bermuda, Bermuda Post Office, wishes to inform that full office of exchange services and local delivery have resumed.

The force majeure situation has therefore been lifted.


Start date: 11 January 2021

End date: ongoing

Incident: earthquake

The designated operator of Croatia, Croatian Post Inc., would like to inform that, following the earthquake in question, a lot of seismic activity has been noted in the affected area, and the government has undertaken the project of repairing the buildings and other damage caused.


Specifically, post offices 44000 Sisak and 44010 Sisak-Caprag are closed, but to ensure service continuity for customers, the activities have been transferred to the following post offices:

  • 44103 Sisak
  • 44104 Sisak
  • 44105 Sisak

Postal workers that had been assigned to the now closed post offices have been reassigned to post office 44250 Petrinja to ensure service continuity.


As a result of the initial earthquake and subsequent smaller earthquakes, the building that housed post office 43 272 Nova Rača (Bjelovarsko-Bilogorska region) was closed, but the activities were promptly transferred to nearby post office 43 270 Novi Grđevac.



Start date: 6 May 2021

End date: 6 May 2021

Incident: industrial action

Due to industrial action of air traffic control personnel, domestic and international flights destined/departing to/from Greek airports between 11:00 – 15:00 local time have been affected on the 6th of May (canceled or rescheduled).

These industrial actions have affected both international and domestic mail processing.



Start date: 9 April 2021
End date: 3 May 2021
Incident: flooding

The designated operator of Indonesia, Pos Indonesia, wishes to inform that the main road network is now back to normal following the heavy rainfall and resulting floods and landslides in East Nusa Tenggara Province, and mail transportation and delivery is back to normal.

Pos Indonesia also takes this opportunity to remind that the force majeure situation declared previously remains in force, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic and the state of alert declared by the Indonesian Government.


Start date: 27 March 2020
End date: ongoing
Incident: coronavirus

The designated operator of Jamaica, Jamaica Post, wishes to inform that the Government of Jamaica has extended the national curfew until 3 June 2021.

Revised working shifts/hours will continue to apply across the entire postal network, affecting sorting operations, mail delivery and the dispatch of mail vans, as well as the timely provision of EDI messaging updates and responses to online customer inquiries.

The force majeure situation previously announced continues to apply, with an impact on quality of service for all types of mail, including inbound and outbound letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items.


Start date: 17 March 2020
End date: ongoing
Incident: coronavirus

The designated operator of Lithuania, Lietuvos paštas, informs that the Lithuanian Government has extended the full-country lockdown until 31 May 2021, in order to control the spread of the coronavirus.

While the lockdown remains in place, postal services will continue to operate under certain restrictions, including a reduced workforce to minimize physical contact between people. Items normally requiring the addressee’s signature upon delivery can be handed over without signature.

The processing and delivery of all types of inbound and outbound mail (letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items) will continue to be affected, and Lietuvos paštas is unable to guarantee compliance with the usual delivery standards.


Start date: 3 May 2021
Expected end date: 16 May 2021
Incident: coronavirus

The designated operator of Madagascar, Paositra Malagasy, informs that, in order to limit the spread of the South African COVID-19 variant, the Government of Madagascar has declared a health state of emergency.
In this connection, the administration has introduced new restrictions and closed access to certain regions of the country with effect from 3 to 16 May 2021.

In view of these government restrictions, passenger flights have been suspended. Cargo flights will, however, continue to operate, as well as the postal services that depend thereon.

Under these circumstances, Paositra Malagasy is currently unable to guarantee quality of service for inbound and outbound mail (letter-post, parcel-post and EMS items), or to meet standards for export and delivery of EMS items. While delays are to be expected, mail will, however, continue to be delivered.


Start date: 16 March 2020
End date: ongoing
Incident: coronavirus

The designated operator of Mauritius, Mauritius Post, wishes to inform other that the Government of Mauritius has announced a gradual lifting of the current lockdown from 1 May 2021, with a second phase of resumption of certain additional economic activities. This decision was taken following a decrease in the number of COVID-19 cases.

The situation will continue to be monitored over the period 1 May to 1 June, at which point more commercial activities will be allowed if the situation continues to improve.



Start date: 2 May 2021
End date: 2 May 2021
Incident: break in IPS and CDS system operations

The designated operator of Poland, Poczta Polska, would like to inform that, owing to maintenance work on its IT systems, it has scheduled a break in its IPS/CDS system operations on Sunday, 2 May 2021 between 3.00 and 10.00 CEST (UTC+2). Accordingly, it has not been able to send or receive EDI messages for any services during that period.


Start date: 25 March 2020

End date: ongoing

Incident: coronavirus

Swiss Post has updated that COVID special measures implemented last year, remain in force. As a result, delivery delays continue and no signature will be obtained on delivery until further notice.



Start date: 17 March 2021

End date: 6 May 2021

Incident: coronavirus

The designated operator of Thailand, Thailand Post, would like to inform that the Suvarnabhumi office of exchange has reopened and normal operations have resumed, effective from 6 May 2021.