The designated operator of Australia, Australia Post, informs that the government has eased the stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne (Victoria).

As a result, the Melbourne office of exchange is now able to accept inbound international letter-post and parcel-post items, effective immediately. However, Australia Post would like remind that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to have a direct impact on international inbound and outbound mail to and from Australia. The provisions set out in previous alerts regarding suspension of signature on delivery for inbound items and declaration of situation of force majeure for all international letter-post, parcel-post and EMS services continue to apply.


Cayman Islands


Start date: 06 October

End date: ongoing

The designated operator of the Cayman Islands, Cayman Islands Postal Services, informs that it has suspended all postal services because of a severe weather warning linked to the approach of Tropical Storm Delta.  All international flights will be suspended and postal facilities will remain closed until the government announces that it is safe to resume normal operations. 




The designated operator of Estonia, Eesti Post, informs that, with effect from 1 October, all inbound items will be delivered as follows:

  • agreed delivery standards will be observed; 
  • boxable registered letters (under 2 cm thick) will be delivered to the addressee’s mailbox without a signature being collected; registered letters over 2 cm thick will be handed over at post offices;
  • all courier shipments requiring a signature will be delivered to the addressee; a photo will be taken of the address card signed by the addressee;
  • couriers will not enter addressees’ premises during delivery; all handovers will be made outdoors.




The designated operator of Guatemala, the General Directorate of Posts and Telegraphs, would like to inform that it is again able to process inbound international mail (parcel post, letter post and EMS) received from other designated operators, and it will soon also be offering its customers the international outbound mail service again.



Trinidad and Tobago


The designated operator of Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation (TTPost), wishes to remind of its current situation with borders being closed and no inbound or outbound commercial flights until further notice.

Only cargo flights are entering and departing the country on a scheduled basis, and specifically only from the United States (Miami). TTPost is therefore unable to receive or send international dispatches at this time.



The Government of Zimbabwe has further relaxed COVID-19 lockdown measures.
Partner airlines have resumed the conveyance of outbound international mail with effect from 1 October 2020. Zimpost has therefore resumed limited mail conveyance to other Union member countries. Both inbound and outbound mail will be handled in line with government measures and guidelines intended to curtail the spike in COVID-19 infections. However, owing to limited staff capacity resulting from adherence to COVID-19 protocols, such as social distancing and decongesting the work place, Zimpost is still unable to guarantee delivery standards.