Creating an Inbound Shipment

An inbound must be created for all inventory that you will be shipping to our warehouses. By creating an inbound, our warehouses will be able to receive and process your inventory efficiently. Once created, the resulting inbound label must be applied to:

  • Every carton if loose
  • Every pallet if palletized


Inbound label sample

To create an inbound, log in to your account and visit

Product Barcodes

All items in the inbound shipment that are shipped into the BoxC facility must have a barcode that matches the one established in your products' settings. This is for both products and product packaging. Barcodes and SKUs are treated as separate entities in BoxC but they can also be the same value. Any items not barcoded will be charged a labeling fee and may face delay at time of inbound processing.


The delivery address for your inbound shipment is listed on the shipment's page. You should use the country's local language when writing the address. Contact to obtain an address if one isn't available on the page.


If BoxC is arranging pickup of your inventory and for larger shipments, you will also need to
provide a packing list to Please include the inbound ID in the subject of the email.