A shop in the fulfillment app should represent a shop you have in the real world (online or

Adding Shops

There are 2 methods of creating Shops:

Manual Entry

Shops > Add a Shop

When adding a shop, all fields are mandatory. The Shop ID is a short string that must be unique in our system and will be used when you add orders using the API and CSV.

The Shop Name is what you will see within the online interface and can be whatever you like!

Shopify Shops

The process for adding a Shopify shop is a little different to adding a regular Shop. To add a
Shopify Shop, you will need to “Add a Shop” and select Shopify as the Shop Type.

Once you click submit, you will be returned to the Shops list where you will see your new Shop.

Your new shop will initially show as Disconnected. To connect your shop, click on Options > Connect, and a popup will be displayed.

You’ll need to enter your Shopify shop URL and click “I Accept”. If you are not currently logged in to your Shopify store, you will be asked to log in to complete the connection. Once complete, your shop will show as Connected.

Shopify Orders

Our system will pull all new Shopify orders that meet the conditions as listed here every 4 hours.
Any changes to orders must be made both in Shopify and in Fulfillment.