An order in the fulfillment app represents an order from your shop or an order you wish to ship. Order information must be submitted in English. All information should be as accurate as possible. Any inaccuracy/false declaration may result in fulfillment or shipment delays and fines which will be charged back to your account. 

Order Flow

There are 6 order statuses which may be applied to an order.

Processing - EDITABLE

All orders will initially show as processing. Orders are processed every hour and moved to either Backordered or Ready depending on stock availability.

Exception - EDITABLE

Orders with a bad delivery address or unavailable routing will be moved to Exception status. The user must correct the errors before the system can process the order.

Backordered - EDITABLE

Orders where required stock is unavailable will be moved to Backorder status. Orders with the Backorder status are also processed hourly in case new stock has become available.


Orders where required stock is available will be moved to the Ready status where the warehouse will electronically pick the order up for packing at least once daily.


Orders which have been electronically picked up by the warehouse for fulfillment will show as packing.


Once orders have been picked, packed and shipped by the warehouse in full, the order will move to fulfilled status.


Orders that have been partially fulfilled, will show this status. Partially fulfilled orders will move between Partial and Packing until the entire order has been fulfilled.

Creating Orders

There are 4 methods of creating orders:

Automated Shopify Import

You can easily setup a link between BoxC Fulfillment and your Shopify store. Read more about the setup procedure here. We import orders and line items from your Shopify store that meet the below.
Orders must meet the following criteria:

  • Fulfillment Status - Unshipped
  • Financial Status - Paid
  • Status - Open

Line items within an order will be imported if the product/SKU is set up in the BoxC fulfillment system and matches the SKU in Shopify. 


CSV Import
Orders > Import

You can import a CSV file containing your orders at your convenience. To import orders, you will need to download the template. Sample rows have been provided. Check the Import Orders page for details on mandatory and optional fields.

Manual Entry
Orders > Create an Order

Use this page to manually create an order in the fulfillment system (one-by-one). All fields marked with an * must be entered and all order information must be submitted in English.

Order Search
Orders > Search

You’re able to search through all your orders using this page. Orders are displayed with the most recent created date on top (descending chronological order). You can filter your orders by date and status, as well as search for the order by ID, Shop Order # and Shop. The total number of orders found within your criteria will be displayed and you are able to export all orders in view by clicking “Export”.

Editing and Deleting Orders

You can edit or delete an order when it is in the following statuses:

  • Processing
  • Exception
  • Backordered
  • Ready

Note: you will need to perform the same change in Shopify prior to making a change in the Fulfillment app.

Partial Fulfillment

A new feature of our system is the ability to separate fulfillments and orders. This allows orders to be fulfilled completely or in part. Each order may have 1 or more fulfillments. Each fulfillment will have its own fulfillment charge and shipping charge.

If partial fulfillment is active on an order, each Product will be checked for availability. That is, all pieces ordered for an entire Product must be available for that SKU to be sent for packing.

You can opt to have a particular order fulfilled in part at the time of order creation. You can also set all orders to have this feature turned on or off by default on a Shop by Shop basis. 

Setting Shop Default

To select this option, go to Shops > Search > Options > Edit and set partial fulfillment to Yes. Once enabled all orders will have this setting enabled by default upon import. Changing this setting will not affect the orders already in the system.