There are a few changes required in order for BoxC to fulfill orders. Here are some different steps to ensure we can push tracking information back to your Shopify store. Replace my-shop with your shop's ID.

Checkout Settings

By default Shopify will create an empty fulfillment object when an order is paid for. Ideally it's not recommended since it requires a few extra API requests to push tracking information back to Shopify. Below are steps to change the default behavior and minimize the workload.

  1. Go to your checkout settings page:
  2. Scroll down to the "Order Processing" section.
  3. Under "After an order has been paid" option select the one that says "Do not automatically fulfill any of the order's line items".order-processing.png

Inventory Settings

Shopify requires all products fulfilled by a service provider to have inventory at the provider's location. If no inventory is at the service provider's location then Shopify will reject any requests to fulfill an order.

  1. Go to your shops inventory page:
  2. Select the BoxC location from the top right dropdown menu. A BoxC location is created in your Shopify store when it's connected to FBB for the first time. You can confirm this by visiting and looking under "App locations".shopify-inventory-select-location.png
  3. Products at our location will populate the table. Add more to the quantities if they're too low. If you don't see the product listed then you must set BoxC as the fulfillment service provider by editing the product. Use Shopify's bulk editor to make changes to multiple products at once.shopify-bulk-editor.png


The problematic orders should be marked as fulfilled within 5 hours of making the changes unless there's another problem elsewhere in which case you should contact us.