This article will guide you through the connection and initial setup process for Shopify store owners.

Connecting your shop
Importing Orders

Connecting your shop

To connect to your Shopify store you will need to know your:

  • Shopify store ID
  • Shopify Login

Select an existing Shopify store or create a new one in FBB.




After clicking the "Connect" button a new window will appear prompting you to enter your Shop ID. This is the Shopify subdomain you configured when setting up your e-commerce store and looks like




After clicking "continue" the new window will prompt you to sign into your Shopify account if your current browser session is signed out by redirecting you to Shopify's login gateway. If you're already signed in then your store will automatically connect within a few seconds.

Importing Orders

Once your store is connected your orders will begin to auto-import every hour if the following conditions are met:

Fulfillment StatusUnshipped
Payment StatusPaid
UpdatedAt most 15 days ago

Additionally, the line items you wish to import must have SKUs that match the products' SKUs you've configured in FBB. The system will ignore line items and potentially entire orders if the SKUs do not match.


For more configuration guides and troubleshooting check out: