Effective July 1, 2021, all users will need an IOSS number to clear customs for DDP shipments to EU (European Union) countries. Note that shipments will require an IOSS number before July 1, 2021 to accommodate origin shipment departure schedules.

If a user already has an IOSS number or is selling on a marketplace that collects VAT for EU sales and is providing an IOSS number we will not collect VAT for shipments valued less than €150.00. For shipments valued more than €150.00 we will collect VAT and duty. These users or the marketplaces will be responsible to file and pay VAT independently for shipments valued less than €150.00.

For users that need to register for an IOSS number, we are working in cooperation with Crossborderit where the process will be automated after a user registers for a Crossborderit account and receives their IOSS number. Crossborderit is an IOSS intermediary who will manage filings and payments for EU VAT. BoxC will directly provide Crossborderit the required VAT data and funds for BoxC accounts so that the process is automated and doesn't require manual filing and payments. 

To sign up for a Crossborderit account linked to BoxC use this link.