Shipments > Import

Import shipments by uploading a supported file type (CSV) using the template. All properties must be present even if they're optional.

Select Choose file then Upload.

Each file must have one or more shipments identified by object type "S". Consignor and return addresses are inherited from your settings. Information about line items is further below.

objectYObject TypeS
overpack_id Overpack ID100002
units Units - Metric or Imperial. Default: MetricMetric
weightYWeight - In KG or OZ depending on Units0.128
height Height - In CM or IN depending on Units2
width Width - In CM or IN depending on Units8
length Depth - In CM or IN depending on Units10
service Service - Can be "BoxC Post", "BoxC Parcel", "BoxC Plus", or "BoxC Priority". Default: BoxC ParcelBoxC Parcel
terms Shipping TermsDDU
override Override the address verification. - Default: 0 or False1
ref1 Reference 1104-20291-201822
ref2 Reference 2492H-290
ref3 Reference 3 
shipping_address_company Company NameFake Company
shipping_address_nameYNameJohn Doe
shipping_address_phone Phone - Optional, but recommended555-123-8888
shipping_address_email E-mail - Optional, but
shipping_address_street1Street 1 - Street Address Line 1123 Fake Street
shipping_address_street2 Street 2 - Street Address Line 2 for condos, apartments, units, etc.Unit 120
shipping_address_province State / Province - State, Province, or TerritoryTX
shipping_address_postal_code ZIP / Postal Code77303

Line Items

Each shipment must have one or more line items identified by object type "L".

objectObject TypeL
descriptions_enA description of the goods in English.Shirt
descriptions_originYDescription of product in the entry point language.祝你好運
weightWeight - The weight of a single piece. In KG or OZ depending on Units.125
valueValue - Value of the contents in USD19.99
originOrigin - Country of manufactureCN
hs_code HTS Code 
dg_code DG Code - The dangerous goods code only if the shipment contains any. Refer to this page for a list.0970