Shipments > Create Shipment

Use this page to manually create a shipment (one-by-one).

Once you have completed filling out the shipment data, you can click Get Estimate to calculate a price for the label. Assuming all the supplied data is correct, this estimate will be equal to the actual amount invoiced. Any variation to address, weight or dimensions may affect this price.

Once complete, click the Pay button to create the shipment.


  • There are required and optional fields. Required fields are marked by an *.
  • The Order ID and SKU optional fields will be printed on the label.
  • Though dimensions are optional, we recommend filling these in for an accurate estimate. Any deviation to declared dimensions/weight will be billed back to your account.
  • Value must be declared in US Dollars (USD).
  • See our Descriptions Best Practices guide for writing better descriptions of contents.
  • It is not mandatory to get an estimate prior to creating a label.