Shipments are created for each parcel you intend to ship. Shipment information must be submitted in English.

All information should be as accurate as possible. Any inaccuracy/false declaration may result in shipment delays and fines which will be charged back to your account.

For each shipment, you will be able to generate one label. This label can be re-printed as necessary. If you need to make changes to shipment information, such as address, declared value or description, you can cancel the label and create a new one.

Labels in the Ship application are available as Portable Document Format (PDF) files. You will be able to download labels one-by-one or in bulk. Bulk label downloads are a multi-page PDF file including up to 100 labels.

Labels should be placed wholly on the largest flat surface of the parcel making sure that the entire label (including delivery and return address, barcode and tracking number) is legible once attached.

Except for the shipment label, no commercial or other documentation is required to be included inside or on the exterior of the shipment.

When there is insufficient balance to pay for a shipment, no production labels will be generated. To generate a test label, change your Entry Point to “Test (SZCN)” on the Ship Application Setup page.